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Two darling companions on the steps to the beach in Odessa, Ukraine.  2013

My little scotty girl, Maggie Mae, is sick.  She has a tick borne disease called Babesia canine.  The doctor diagnosed it today.  She had to endure five injections and was violently ill on the way back, and afterward.  I was so hysterical the *vet* gave ME a sedative. 

This is a photo I took recently of the man I call my “darling companion”.  I call him that because “partner” sounds like we’re in business; boyfriend sounds like we’re in high school; friend doesn’t convey the depth of feelings I have for the man; significant other is simply too trite.  It’s a dilemma for those of use over 22 to come up with a meaningful title for that person in our life that means so much.  What do you call your, um, “darling companion”. 

It comes from a song by that same name, originally done by a group called “The Lovin’ Spoonful”.   You can hear the tune, here:

But there are *two* darling companions in this photo: the man, and the dog.  The song says “let me be your champion, you can depend on me” and that’s how I have to be for the little dog in order to get her through this.  And that’s how the man is for me.  He’s someone I can depend on. I guess this is just my way to say, “Thank you”.

I hope you all have someone in your life that can take your hand and walk you through the difficult times, a darling companion.