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Bath time for Maggie Mae.

Bath time for Maggie Mae.

It was a lovely spring day, here in Kyiv. It was Easter. I had a loaf of Easter Bread, courtesy of my friend, Oleg, and Maggie and I each had a bath.

Maggie is my sweet Scotty girl. I call her the “Scottish Terror”. She hates baths. You can tell by the woeful expression in her eye. She then went and “hid” behind the coffee table and looked at me reproachfully for the rest of the afternoon.

I took this photo with the weekly photo challenge of “down” in mind, although it’s difficult to be directly over a very wiggly Scottish Terror.

Maggie has been a part of my life for 9 years. She has lived with me on Kodiak Island, Alaska; in Kosice, Slovakia, and currently, Kyiv, Ukraine. She has her own passport. She has seen me through good times and bad times. She has refused to give up on me even at my darkest hour. Every evening after work she greets me as if I am the center of her world. And no mater how bad the day, she makes me smile.

I hope this Easter time finds you in a good place.