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As predicted half my class was gone today.  But we had a lovely day in spite of it.   As I was handed this bouquet that had been put together by three little girls, one from Germany, one from Ukraine, and one from Korea, I thought about the simple gifts we are given daily.  How people touch our lives in a myriad of ways every day.  And again I thought about the “lessons” that are right there before us, if only we could open our eyes to see.

These three children started the year not knowing each others language.  But the human need to communicate, to belong, to make a statement, naturally pushed them forward into learning the common language at our school, which is English, and today they worked together to create a bouquet.  They didn’t care about the politics, or what church the other went to, or about how they were *different* from one another.  They worked together to create something for someone who they feel is important in their lives.  I am fortunate to be that person. 

I read a story that said the Inuit measured a person’s wealth by the circle of people that cared for them.  By how they were viewed by the people of their clan.  Using that measure, today, I am a very wealthy woman.

Who says you’ll never be rich by being a teacher!