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pansies I love pansies. I love them so much that I have one tattooed on my ankle! I love the shape of them, the colors, their sweet pansy faces. I love to press them in books, with full intention of using them on a card, or making a picture with them, only to find them years later, fragile and faded.

Sometimes I think we do that to ourselves. Put ourselves between the pages of the book of our imagined lives. And we stay there, too long, not acting on what we dream, or want, until we become fragile and faded. A desiccated remnant of a dream nearly forgotten.

Does anyone out there in Blog-land remember “May Baskets”? My mother and I used to make them from the pages of old wallpaper sample books. Then we’d go hang them on neighbor’s doors. Mom always enjoyed it, and would talk about her mother doing the same thing. It’s kind of like the old fashioned version of “Random Acts of Kindness”. I wonder what would happen today if we made paper baskets and filled them with daisies and pansies and hung them on people’s doorknobs?

Here’s hoping you reach for your dreams before they become lost in the pages of a forgotten book.

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But I’m running out of spring ideas…you got any?